Chaos and DelightAccording to Chinese mythology, the universe began as a roiling primordial chaos trapped inside an egg. The god Pángǔ cracked open the egg and with great effort, separated the chaos and pressed the heavens and earth into their orderly place we see today.These tufted works depict the elements mid-formation, suggesting there can be delight amidst chaos

60” x 36” x 4”
Yarn, MDF

36” x 24”
Yarn, Felt

Clouds and Fire2023
62” x 56”
Yarn, MDF

Bats I + II2022
21” x 30” each
Yarn, MDF

Medallions I + II2022
27” x 27” each
Yarn, MDF

41” x 32”
Yarn, MDF

Cloisonné Snakes I + II2023
31” x 30” each
Yarn, MDF

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda Chairs2023
36” x 18” x 22” each
Yarn, Thrifted chairs, Upholstery foam

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda Rounds2023
18" x 18" each
Yarn, MDF

Textile Arts Center Residency (in progress)The Textile Arts Center Artist in Residence (TAC AIR) is a 9 month program split into 3 parts: Play, Research, and Professional development. The play section emphasizes learning new techniques and making without expectation.These pieces were made during the Play period with all new techniques learned during the residency: machine knitting, weaving, and quilting.

亞 (Yă) Study No. 12024
26" x 23"
Naturally dyed cotton and silk, found yarn, cotton batting, embroidery thread
self-drafted pattern

11" x 11"
found yarn
canvas weave pattern

8" x 8"
found yarn
overshot leaves pattern

加油 (Jiā yóu)2022
24” x 20”
Yarn, Felt
Literally “add gas” or “add oil” used as a cheer in Chinese

15” x 17”
Yarn, Felt

4” x 5”
Needle felted wool

3” x 6”
Borosilicate glass


Shawna Tang is a multidisciplinary artist based in Queens, NYC. Her work is an ongoing public diary of finding her place in diaspora as a mixed-race Chinese/Taiwanese American. Through candy-colored and fuzzy textile pieces, she reinterprets traditional Chinese mythology and motifs to write new fairytales of nostalgia and yearning for a homeland.Shawna is also the owner and maker behind Cookie Smut, a snarky and fun accessories and home goods brand.


2023 - 混沌 (Húndùn) Chaos and Delight, Brick Aux Gallery, NYC
2023 - 崑崙 (Kūnlún), Grove 34, NYC
2024 - The Shape of Play, Textile Arts Center, NYC
2023 - Gowanus Open Studios, Textile Arts Center, NYC
2023 - Life is short, Snakes are long, Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse, NYC
2023 - Textile Arts Center Artist in Residence, Cycle 15
AIR 15 Feature: Shawna Tang

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